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Genuine Leather/Wool Flat Shoes

$36.99 $79.99
3-7 black3-17 black3-6 black3-6 pink3-5 pink3-17 beige3-7 pink3-5 black

High quality fox fur slippers

$59.99 $98.99
BlackLight grayBrownIron grayRedSky blueWine redCamelCameoKhakiDark greenSilverSilver purple

Oversize Cashmere Poncho Shawl

$66.99 $112.99
Same color as photoSame color as photo 2Same color as photo 3

Pashmina Pompom Shawl

$68.99 $129.99
Black 16GreenRed 3Beige 14Dark gray 6Lake blue 19Light purpleCoffee 20Purple 9Camel 11Wine 1Light gray 8Pink 5Rose 4Middle gray 7Light camel 12Light khakiSapphire 15Orange 13

Velvet Scrunchies, Elastic Hair Rubber Bands

$8.99 $18.99
T-1T-2T-3T-4T-5T-6T-7T-8T-9T-10T-11T-14123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930T-15T-17T-18T-19T-21T-23T-24T-27Navy313233343536Other hair band