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Greetings from the Amerikana team, we started in early 2018.
Amerikana is an American Online shopping brand, striving to provide our customers with items, that better them in their everyday lives and is shipped to them anywhere in America.
Discover new products daily at www.amerikanaone.com and start shopping by category. Choose from boys, girls, women, men, toys, home décor, pets, maternity, shoes and beauty products and so much more.
The Amazon Fulfillment Center in San Bernardino is enormous, 1-million-square-feet in size. To put that another way, that's about the same size as 50 football fields put side by side. When you walk through the distribution center, you're surrounded by assembly lines of workers packaging products quickly and efficiently to send off to customers. It's the closest you can to Santa's workshop without going to the North Pole. (Photo by Saul Gonzalez)
We are a customer-centric business. We want to build lifelong bonds with our customers. Amerikana is one of the top leading online retailers in NY. The store was founded in NY and is the go-to for individuals all around the United States.
Discover new products at www.amerikanaone.com shopping by category. Choose from boys, girls, women, men, toys, home décor, maternity, shoes and beauty products.
Please feel free to reach out to us with comments and suggestions. 
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